nhow milano

I travel to Milan 4-6 times per year, and as all other places I travel frequently, I prefer to stay in the same hotel to feel as much home as possible. Nhow Milano has been my home away from home when in Milan for a long time. It's a design hotel located near the popular Navigli area with nice restaurants and one of the world best clothing stores Antonioli. 

After staying at Nhow 10-12 times now, they staff also know who I am, and what my preferences are. That's one good reason for me to stay there. Another good reason is the breakfast, which is very high standard. Italy is definitely not known for their breakfasts, as you normally only find a dry croissant, a biscuit and some canned fruit salad. But at Nhow you don't miss a thing at the breakfast table.

The rooms at Nhow are cosy. not so big, but equipped with all needed. The bed is of high quality, a nice bathroom with rain shower and a good selection in the minibar, 

Nhow has a big minus though. Their bar is very cold. Not in temperature, but in atmosphere. It's located next to the reception, and it seems like the architect forgot the bar on the blueprints, and then found an unused corner. That could be much better for a design hotel like this.