lllp by nicholas rose

LLLP creates furniture in accordance with the classic Danish design tradition where functionality, aesthetics and simplicity are key features.

LLLP mostly uses 3 materials, birch plywood, black steel and linoleum.

The furniture is minimalistic and timeless. LLLP creates made to measure, so the client always got exactly what they ask for. 

The company are based on a "three legged" concept: 

  • We design for you

  • We design together

  • You design with us

LLLP was founded in 1992 by visionary industrial designers and architects Lex Ørneborg and Leif Jørgensen. Sharing the love and fascination for Scandinavian, minimalistic design the two began designing and selling furniture out of the shop at Fælledvej.

In 2002, Nicholas Rose, who has designed the majority of the LLLP furniture, took over the business and brand. Nicholas’ design philosophy reflects the LLLP history that has inspired him to create new, simple and original pieces. 

Go check it out here: www.lllp.dk

All pictures are from LLLP's website.