leon louis - oscillation motte

Danish brand Leon Louis is one out of many brands in the avantgarde dark fashion category. But Leon Louis sticks out.  Leon (the founding designer) spends a lot of time searching for the finest materials for his collections. It could be the best raw silk for shirts or the best linen for a 70's inspired suit. Most of the cuts, no matter if it's shirts, pants, suits or a t-shirt are very detailed, and the combination of material and cuts is what makes this brand so great. 

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Remnants patrol this land. What is left here but harvested souls to survey. The ground soiled by the stamp of times. We remain. If only to keep our sanity. Never speak in tongues. Twisting turn-tellers tell all. Reclaim the sea. Torrents of heavy summer skies, sweep the coastline. Reminiscent of times forlorn. The spring wind exhales, as we make our way. A contemporary battalion, marching to the drum of the elements. Partial. Onward.


The body at the helm of its creator. SS17 shapes a profound study of anatomy. Shapes are constructed to compliment and strengthen the body. Movement is endorsed by the astute final assembly, measuring each corporal element in various positions. Japanese workwear references appear juxtaposed to 1970’s leisure tailoring, illustrating an overall look, that is expressive, yet democratic and sincere in its overall expression. Crafted jackets are donned over wide loose fitted pants, rigid overcoats are sported with sleek dresses, stern shirts appear underneath casual sweats, versatile accessories are carried over re-worked denim and composed leather coats collide smoothly with mesh vests.


Textural research is further enhanced by morphing and modulation the fabric surfaces. Leathers are featured in graphic mesh lamb, contrasted by sturdy horse, sleek lamb and resilient ox leather. These pairings are featured alongside raw silk, bonded cotton, slug yarn sweat jersey, smooth ribs, cold dyed and perfected denim. Closures are seamlessly constructed with leather zip pullers, oxidized silver, horn or corozo buttons and logo embossed rivets. Understated tones underline the collections focussed everlasting feel. Shades of cold denim and worn grey, are paired with off-white, deep black, nuances of blue and hued purple, shape a well-balanced color framework.


Form and function are interweaved. These are garments that withstand the test of time. Roaming with you, locked in perfect harmony. Novel prepositions. Born to wade. Incepted to a new dawn.