Detaj 248

DETAJ 248 is one of my favorite jewelry brands. It's not easy to find special mens jewelry, but there's a few good ones, and DETAJ is one of them. The brand is founded in 1995 by Takayoshi Yamanami (Taka) from Osaka in Japan. All pieces are handcrafted from start to end in Japan.Taka is also the owner of the amazing fashion store 24th Of August (24/8), also located in Osaka. 

DETAJ is selling their jewelry to some of the best stores worldwide. This is stores like Oukan in Berlin, ELU (multiple cities in the US), Medium Rare in Hong Kong, Fallow in Brisbane, 24th of August in Osaka and many more....

My favorite collection is the very eye-catching AW13 collection because it looks like bandaid, and something I've never seen before. You can see some of the styles below.

For more info, go follow DETAJ on Instagram HERE or see more at their website HERE

* All pictures are taken from DETAJ website.